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Audio Visual Services

Magic Music offers wide range of audio visual services. Including installation of public address systems of any size, projectors and displays. We are also proud to supply high quality AV equipment from leading brands including LD Systems, Bose, LG, Samsung, QSC and Cannon. Additionally we offer maintenance, preventive maintenance and service of existing installations.


Installing Shelves

No matter how big or small is your project Magic Music have right solution for you. We offer wide range of audio visual installation services. From single screen to multi-room fully integrated systems. We only use high quality, reliable and state the art equipment from leading manufacturers. Most of our engineers are experts educated to degree level with combined 20+ years of experience. 


Home Theater Installation

Our company provides both preventive and corrective maintenance of any audio visual system. We have team of service engineers available when you need it. Magic Music offers range of maintenance contract or not contract options. Our team is more then capable to assist you with service or maintenance with any type of audio visual equipment.


New Streaming Service

Additionally we offer service and repairs of any audio visual equipment. In Magic Music we understand how frustrating it is to not being able to use your audio visual system. Therefore we have team of experts available to assist you when you need it the most. We also have range of loan equipment to help you carry on with your business until your system is repaired.

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